Hi everybody.

I've been testing ZAM 7.5 running on a virtual Windows 2003 server for
the last month; everything seems to work fine except data for a single
(so far) workstation concerning application usage.

I mean, if from the web I select [Asset Inventory] and from the left
frame System List -> All Platforms -> Windows Workstation, the list of
scanned machines appears.

If I select one, I see the "Last Inventory Date" set to today (31/01/07)
so the scan should be up-to-date.

If I select [Asset Management] -> Reports -> App Usage -> Total App Usage
-> By Workstation and select the same workstation, I see that some
application (such as Lotus Notes which is our primary MUA) have a "Local
Last Used Date" set to 11/01/07 where I know that, on that machine, Lotus
Notes gets accessed and used every day.

If I select another workstation, I see Lotus Notes with a Local Hours
Used Date set to 31/01/07 and a Hours Used se to 98 (which makes sense).

If I select another workstation (which has been offline since 26/01/2007)
I can see the Local Last Used Date set to 26/01/2007.

Am I missing something?

Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
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