Hello everybody.

I'm practicing with the Asste Management "portion" of ZAM 7.5 (IR1 not
applied yet) and I found a way to reconcile

Discovered products -> Product Catalog -> License Records ->
Purchase Records

I think the "Using the Web Console" manuale could be written a bit better
as to provide readers with some examples but perhaps this is a limitation
of mine :-)

Anyway, ig I get it correctly, it seems that you have to manually create
a product under the Product Catalog section as to reconcile it with
License and Purchase records.

While the creation of License Records can be somewhat automated (License
Records -> Auto-Reconcile) I don't see (or better, I've yet to see) a
method which allows you to creare Catalog Products in a more automated way.

I mean, in the test environment I'm playing with, I have approx 130
discovered products for which (again, if I got that right) I should
create 130 new Catalog Products.

I admin that I'm still learning but am I missing something?

Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
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