Half of the workstations send software usage data to the collection
server (Asset Management 7.0 SP1 IR 11), and the other half not
(win2000 sp4 and xp sp2 workstations). The settings are exactly the
same, same virus scanner, etc., windows firewall turned off.

The collection client diag log shows this:

2/13/07 11:10:44 Message Server Error Event, On File, See local host
file error., Host = 26B90D68-9DB7-4901-813D-72960A9BD272
02/13/07 11:10:44 Local Host File, Open, File access was denied.
02/13/07 11:10:44 Runtime Library, _tsopen, Returned error code: 13

And the colw32.log:

Collector Starting
failed to get WIF path

I couldn't find any useful info on the net, I searched many forums and
the novell site, too. The Asset Managment .pdf files are useless. Any