I'm working with a ZAM 7.5 system and am in the process of adding and
licensing local products. All is going well so far - I have managed
to figure out how to create new manufacturers to assign to these local
products, however the licensing is not working out quite how I would
have expected. Here's where it started to go wrong:

1. I did an FNI scan and picked up 'unidentified.exe'
2. Used the manager to create a new Manufacturer 'New Company'
3. I defined a local product around 'unidentified.exe', called it
'newbie' and specified it's manufacturer as 'New Company'
4. Stopped\restarted inventory and re-scanned workstations with the
5. Workstation reports recognise it - with details as above ("Newbie"
made by "New Company")
6. Enter purchase record, catalog product, license record, reconcile
catalog product and then...
6. Reconcile license to it from the discovered products page shows it
up as 'unnamed software' made by 'unnamed manufacturer'

I can understand why the Manufacturer 'New Company' is not recognised
by the Discovered products, but why isn't the software name 'Newbie'

Does this mean that ZAM does not really support the licensing of local

cheers for any and all response(s)