I am running ZAM 7.50.0011 PRU 2/2/2007 on Standalone WinXPpro sp2 and am
unable to discover OpenOffice.org 2.0 to 2.1 product. I have taken a fresh
Windows XP sp2 pc and did a fresh install of OpenOffice 2.0 and did a scan
and did not discover OpenOffice.
I have OpenOffice installed to the default path of c:\program
files\OpenOffice.org 2.0\.

I have some default OpenOffice.org 1.1 installs and it will discover those

I have created products from the local product creation, but I should not
have to do this to OpenOffice since it is listed in the PRU.

I am not sure what to check. I have done a uninstall then install of the ZAM
server and started over with a fresh database. Still not able to find
OpenOffice2.x. I do not want to turn-on Collect Software File Information on
the new install. Because I did that on the original install and it only
helped to create a database of about 1.2 GBs in file size with tens of
thousands of executables but still no OpenOffice 2.x in the list of Software

My next step is to nuke the machine and start over from scratch.

Unless there is something I am missing, that is what I will do.