I have ZAM Standalone Evalution version installed on Windows 2003 R2
server, but my installation working anderswie as I think:

1. I started some Network discovery tasks (some wrong, some true), it's
started (I find it by TaskCoreServer Event Log), but tasks not appear
under TASKS button and I can not delete wrong network dicovery task, log
contiue updating till this time and Total Devices under Network Discovery
still 0.

2. When I started with ZMD, I added some workstation to System List
Windows Workstation Folder which had never been client connected. I find
that I can delete this WS via Query, but it's not working in my
installation ...

3. I can create query for finding this old workstations with filter on
Client Is Connected = No , after that I can view Count of Ws meat
criteria, I can save Query under Pessonal Queries folder, but I can't
Dislay Results of my query !!!

Anybody can help me ? My be I have not any necessary component installed
on my ZAM server ?

Thank you in advance,

Valdis Jaunzeikars,
system engineer