HI All,

ZAM 7.5,

Now we have started with zam, only one server, colection etc, i have setup
discovery on all our ip subnets, regions etc.....the zam clients is
randomly installed on PC's...

Now i only have the initial domain...the way Novell set it up for me (one
ZAM server)...now in the meantime some departments want their own "domains"
to manage....

So here is my question....how would i go about moving these PC's assets to
a domain, i do not see any place in the Webconsole to move a device to a
domain, on the enterprise manager i only see the self discovery options etc...
so i would like to move all pc/devices (client installed and discovered) to
a certain domain for lets' say the range (a specific
Building/Department)...and as new devices comes in for this range must be
moved/created in this specific domain auto.