We are using ZAM 7 SP1.

I have noticed that, although certain software products have been picked
up by ZAM on our workstations, they are not listed in the web console.

For example, in the web console, if I drill down into Reports > Software
Applications > By Manufacturer > All > Microsoft, Autoroute and MapPoint
are not listed.

They should be categorised by default in ZAM as Graphics/Mapping, so if I
drill down By Category, I cannot see them there either.

However, I know for certain that these apps have been picked up, because
they are listed in the reports in the ZAM Manager console (e.g the
Software Product Breakdown report).

My knowledge of ZAM is still not great yet, and I am still learning how to
use it. As a complete stab in the dark, I tried restarting the Inventory
Process, but this did not help.

Any advice whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,