Good day,

Currently running ZAM 7(upgrade from TSCensus) and I am having
difficulties installing the app to the clients via the Remote Client
Install from the ZAM Manager.

When installing we get the Error 53(failed to copy clients files. network
path was not found), I have went on the web and looked at the documents
that was provided by Novell in relation to this error code and to no
avail. Based on our previous installations we had always used the defaults
on the Install Settings window. In the "install path" field, could someone
tell me what the default path points too?

Client Installation:
Share name: C$
Install path: ?
Port: Default port 7461

Am I missing something? I have placed many different types of paths but
still continue to receive the same error message. I'm able to connect to
the client machine; no firewalls, etc.