Hi Folks,

I have a query regarding backing up the ZAM 7.5 database (wether it is a
Standalone deployment with MSDE or an Enterprise deployment with MS-SQL):

After having attended a Novell run ZAM 7.5 training course, I know the
process is supposed to be to stop the Inventory Process, backup the
database and then start the Inventory Process again.

Unfortunately our trainer wasn't aware of a method to automatically
schedule the starting and stopping of the Inventory Process.

Does anyone have any idea how this can be accomplished? Unfortunately the
Inventory Process isn't listed as a separate service in the Services
applet under Windows, so that doesn't seem to be the way.

As an additional bit of information, the recommendation to stop the
Inventory Process prior to performing the database backup was only
included in the Lab Manual, it was not referenced in the Lecture Manual,
which seems a bit strange.

Hopefully someone can help, as the doco concerning this item is VERY light
on. I wasn't even able to find a TID that covers this.

Many Thanks,

Steve .M. Jones