I have a series of Network Discovery Tasks that start on Tuesday and go
through Thursday. Each has a separate time and are set to go weekly on a
day between Tuesday and Thursday. Ever since IR12 was applied, all of my
Network Discovery tasks have the same date on them. For instance, looking
at it yesterday, a task that is scheduled for today would have had
yesterday's date on it in the Tasks section of the manager. Today, it
will have today's date on it. All Network Discovery tasks will change in
the tasks section and have the current day on them. They appeared to go
off when they should, so I thought no big deal what the day said in the
Manager as long as they were working. Looking at the things in Network
Discovery of the web console, nothing has a last discovered date newer
than 4/12/07. Right around the time the IR was applied. It was set for
Live Update on a schedule, so I manually reapplied the update and yield
the same results. Server was rebooted as well, but still no change. I
have removed and added the tasks back in and even created new tasks to
test, but all will show the current date no matter how they are scheduled.
Checked the rtrlet.log and it is at IR12. Any ideas?