We currently are running Zenworks 7.5 and have a general question on

We are running VMWare ESX server and are starting to take advantage of
Microsofts offer, buy 1 Windows 2003 R2 Datacentre per processor and
install as many Windows 2003 R2 Standard on virtual machines.
From a Zenworks perspective we are unsure of the best way to capture this.

Obviously we have added license records for the Datacentre license, eg 1
license; But also Zenworks is now going to discover the Standard installs,
which we don't have license records for.

Datacentre purchased - 1
Datacentre installed - 0

Standard purchased - 0
Standard Installed - eg 10

We could add license records for 10 or so Std licenses and just comment
where they came from, but I can see this would cause issues when we have
potentially 20 or so Datacenter licenses

Does anyone have a "best practice" for this