I recently install ZenWorks Asset Management v7.5. It works good for the
most part, but I am having a terrible time using the Portable Collector.
Specifically, I create a Portable Collector on a USB drive. Then, I run
the portable collector on a computer that is not connected to my network.
After that, I take the USB drive back to to my ZAM75 server and go through
the process of grabbing the data from the USB in order to place it in ZAM.
Everything appears to go okay, but afterwards I look for the computer in
ZAM and it is not there. I tried this process using floppy disks and a
combination of floppy disk & CD, but it still does not work. It seems the
only reliable way that I can collect inventory information from a computer
is if I plug it into my network and install the ZAM client onto it across
the network.

I came across 1 or 2 references on the Internet that said the Portable
Collector in ZAM 7.5 does not work, but that Novell was working on fixing
this. The date of these references was Summer 2006. I would think surely
it would be fixed by now. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can
get the ZAM7.5 portable collector working. It would be a big help if I
could get this working, as I have 40+ of my computers that are not plugged
into the network. Thank you!