Good afternoon.
I restarted my server with ZAM 7.5 running on it and now when I start up
Manager it asks for login id and password, then, it says the "ODBC
datasource does not exist, Please verify that you have set up your
datasource properly."
Clicking on the database button brings me to the 'select database' window.
As it is a standalone installation, The database type is Microsoft SQL
Server or MSDE...
Report datasource will drop down to let me select 'Zenworks Reports'
1 - Server name and database name have no drop down selections. What
should I put in here? (and what is the appropriate syntax?)

2 - I went into the ODBC data sources. There is a system DSN of ZENworks
reports. In configuration, the server is set to (local)
Authentication is set to SQL Server authentication w/login ID and
The password that came up the first time I did this was
'Administrator' and no combination of this and known Administrator
passwords would allow me to continue. (I assume it failed
authentication.) I changed the ID to NCsystem and P/W of tally and it
appeared to authenticate correctly and let me on through the wizard.
However, I cannot launch Manager Console and get past the login
screen.(which may be a matter of #1 above.)

Any Ideas?
There is another ODBC database set up in its own instance (Backup Exec
11d), but I can't see this as an issue.