we have updated our zam7 to zam 7.5 but the sql server is still msde 2000.
we tried to make an inplace upgrade to sql 2005 express edition with the
msde2005 setup files that are on the zam 7.5 install cd. The Installation
brings an error when the database is being started (error code 1067). then
we uninstalled the msde 2000 and installed sql 2005 ee and attached the zam
database with sql managment tools, but now it seems that zam could not
connect to the database. if i try to login to the managment console an error
message pops-up that says ive entered a wrong username/password. in the
webconsole the message is displayed that zam could not connect to the
database. anything i did wrong or are there tids with best practises
availabel?? i found some tids in the documentation about
installing/upgrading zam database but there are no longer availabel at the
novell website.

thanks in advance.


p.s. instance name and database name is the same as before the sql upgrade