ZAM 7.5 installation process uses automated installation of SQL 2005
Express server with option SQLACCOUNT="NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" but I have
machine with Polish MS 2003 Server, not English, and this system account
is named "ZARZĄDZANIE NT\SYSTEM" and installation fails with error:
SQL Server Setup could not validate the service accounts.
Either the service accounts have not been provided for all
of the services being installed, or the specified username
or password is incorrect. For each service, specify a valid
username, password, and domain, or specify a built-in system account."

How can I modify command line or .ini file with options for running SQL
server installation in ZAM installation?

Platform: MS Windows 2003 Server R2 SE SP2 (Polish), FSC Primergy RX100,
MS SQL 2005 Express SP2.

Please, help me.