Hello guys,

I hope you could help me.

We've got ZAM 7.5 IR4 environment with one central ZAM server where you
could find the webconsole, the sql2005 database and the manager
console. The collection servers are installed on 20 servers all over
our network.

Last week we had to reeinstall our main ZAM server with all services.
So all our historical data is lost (don't ask why ;-) ), but now we've
got a blank ZAM server with a blank database. The collection servers
were not affected and are still running. As novell told us we
uninstalled all collection server and reinstalled them.
After the initial installation of the main ZAM components the
collection servers automaticaly connect through the main system and
startet the transfer of new client informations. So far so good, but
it's impossible to view (via the manager) the "detailed status" or to
stop and start the collection servers. When I try to stop or to start a
server I've got the message "unable to communicate with the server" and
when I'll try to see the "view detailed status" I'll get the message
"[2.4.501] A network error was encountered while communicating with a
remote application". I could'nt understand this message because all
inventory information will be transfered between these servers and only
the management informations wan't work.

Thanks for you support!

Jan Wegner