We are getting web page errors when accessing certain webconsole pages
using Internet Explorer (both version 6 and 7)

e.g. when accessing the 'System List'

Line: 231
Char: 49
Error: Expected ')'
Code: 0
URL: http://zamserver:8080/rtrlet/rtr

Also, other Lines and Char positions.

Another error is when trying to save a custom report. Page blanks and errors:

Line: 208
Char: 7
Error: Access is denied
Code: 0
URL: http://zamserver:8080/rtrlet/rtr?z=QueryEdit

If refresh (F5), then edited report saves OK...

Other pages appear fine in IE (i.e. no page errors)
We receive no such errors when using Firefox (though the customer doesn't
use Firefox, so that is not an option!)

We have re-created the rtrlet tomcat structure, etc. and it remains the same...

ZAM 7.5 IR4

Any suggestions?