The central server will be windows 2003 server with SQL 2003. Another
collection server will be with windows server 2003 & SQL. It's not on any
domain since we are using Netware6.5.

Here are what I did;
1. made a shared folder on central server, allowing the 2nd collection
server to access.
2. finished installing ZAM 7.5 on central server without error. Zam
manager & webconsole run fine. Some workstation showed up.
3. During the installation, zenworks database was created under SQL server;
4. For the 2nd collection server, mapped a drive to central server shared
5. Installed ZAM 7.5 on 2nd collection server with no problems. However,
another zenwork database was created under central server SQL database.
6. Manager & webconsole run fine. Workstations showed up.

The problem is that 2nd collection server was unavailable status on
central server. I removed it from the list. Now it doesn't try to
connection the 2nd collection server. I was wonder if how the servers
communicate. They collecting their own data.

I don't know if I installed it right or not. Please help!