Hello ladies and gents out there in IT land...

I've been successful in creating a Zenapp that captures every PST file on
my machine EXCEPT the very one I need. I have the user settings set to
grab the entire profile (using the %DNA_USER_NAME% variable that is),
which is where the pst file is located(specific path is c:\Documents and
Settings\%DNA_user_name%\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Outlook\<filename>.pst) I also have a filter set to
specifically grab all .pst files under C:\Documents and Settings and it's
subfolders. No, Outlook isn't open when I run this app, no locked file. I
know it can see down into that folder because I have the extend.dat in its
correct location in the DNA file. SO the result is that I do indeed
get .pst files, but not the one in the Local Settings like I need. Anyone
else have that same problem at all? Anyone able to shed some light?
Anyone's help is certainly appreciated. DDNA looks like a great tool as
long as I can get it to function the way it's supposed to...