I've been fighting an order to remove all Novell from our Desktops. I am
reluctantly having to give up the servers, but, am trying to swing moving
ZFD 3.2 on Novell to ZFD 6.5 on Windows, as...I like ZFD, especially NAL,
TOO much (we HAVE to run SMS, too, and...there's just no comparison). One
of the products that's being offered as a substitute is Altiris, and, while
it doesn't have anything similar to NAL, it does have a Migration package,
and...we are looking at having to move over 2000 workstations from 2K to XP.

If any of you have been in a similar position, what successful arguments
have you used to keep ZFD, and, just how well does this Personality
Migration tool work?