I've got personality migration working. I'm just in need of assistance on
how this should run automatically. Whats the real world practical theory
behind it?

Obviously the personality is pulled from the workstation, and this must
happen before you can push the settings back down. Is this something that
administrators run every time a user logs on? Or do administrators only
run this when required, by setting it to force run whenever that is. I
realise you can run once only, but I am having problems with the ordering.
I've got two application objects, one that pulls the personality to the
server, and another that pushes the personality back to the workstation.

I am also finding that when you set both the pull and push policies they end
up running in the wrong order so it's trying to push a personality to the
desktop before it's even been re-imaged or taken up a personality to the

I am trying to get this working automatically together with imaging and even
though I have got it working technically, I just dont understand the
practicality or the method in which this would be used. If someone can
provide tips also on the ordering and setup of policies to show me how they
use this. Currently I have these two application policies as icons on the
desktop and I just run them with a double mouse click.