We have set up personality migration from ZEN 6.5. Things seem to be working fine with the exception of migrating the power point settings. If Power point is not chosen to be migrated, things work perfectly. (migration is being done from a Windows 200 professional workstation) If Powerpoint is chosen, the process errors out. I have tried a couple of different settings with migrating the powerpoint settings and found that if the settings for powerpoint are chosen to be migrated, the migration will fail. If the migration is set to migrate powerpoint files only and not the settings, it is successfull. When watching the migration process with settings chosen and files not chosen, the scan starts to scan one of the network drives. It errors out after scanning the network drive for a while. Error that is in the logs is: "could not store directory: 'H:\'" I have not set the migration to scan any network drives. Anybody have any suggestions to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance