We have PM from the 6.5 suite. We set up a template to migrate printers, My Documents, and bookmarks. It collects the DNA correctly. when it restores it (Windows 2000 to Windows 2000, or Windows 2000 to Windows XP), everything comes back...EXCEPT we get a shortcut on the desktop that says "Reconnect ipp/..." which points to the ipp printer that was collected. When you click on this shortcut, the Add Printer wiz starts.

IF you REBOOT after the DNA restore without clicking on this shortcut, it will disappear when the customer logs in, but then the Add Printer starts automatically. If you CANCEL the add printer, everything works fine, and the ipp printer is present and correctly installed.

Is this correct behavior? How do I eliminate the shortcut/add printer wizard from starting since it appears it is not needed?

Jeff Ferris
Network Manager