We're migrating from 2000 to XP. Even though we have told, asked, threatened and begged, users put files on the 2000 box in every possible location, even occasionally in My Documents. We want to set it up so that we pick up my documents, then scan for specific file extensions throughout the rest of the local disk when it collects the DNA. When it's restored to the XP box, we want to redirect the non-My Docs to a folder UNDER my documents and dump everything there. Anyone already do this? Were you happy with the results?

On another note, can anyone tell me how to migrate iPrint printers (using the selection to migrate printers) WITHOUT getting the shortcut that runs the Add Printer wizard? If we migrate an iPrint printer, and DON"T run the shortcut, everything works. But the shortcut itself fails, and we'ld like to get rid of the stupid thing.

Jeff Ferris
Network Manager