Here's the scenario:

25 WXPSP2 laptops with only ZENworks Desktop Management agent installed.
Laptops have at least 4 user profiles each. All laptops have same
configuration. I want to create just one image for all laptops and am
using personality migration to handle the different user profiles on each

We are using ZENworks 7 on a NetWare server.

Using the DNA Template Editor, I create a template by selecting All local
user profiles on source machine, selecting User Accounts Settings under
System, and name the template DNAusers.dtf.

I then create an application object, CollectDNA, to collect the
personality following the instructions in guide. I associate CollectDNA
with a workstation and select Force Run and App Launcher. This is the
parameter setting: (There is no VOL1 on this server)
/D \\Server1\SYS\ddna\data\%CN%\X-REMOTE1 /T \\Server1
\SYS\ddna\templates\DNAusers.dtf /X

I go to X-REMOTE1 laptop and login as an administrator but nothing
happens. I then click on Application Explorer and double-click on
CollectDNA object and get: could not launch CollectDNA. The network
path was not found. Checking My Network Places, I see no NetWare
Services listed. And, although the ZENworks Desktop Management Agent
policy says to display the ZENworks authentication dialog, the login
screen never appears.

Any suggestions?