I'm migrating 2000 to XP. Everything is working...EXCEPT: I pick up the settings on 2000, the System Settings set to pick up nearly all the Desktop options except Taskbar, Desktop Cleanup Wizard, Time Zone and Web Settings. I restore it to XP. Everything restores, EXCEPT the XP image is, by default, set to XP style start menu. When I restore the 2000 DNA, it turns it to the Classic Start menu.

I've collected the DNA from an XP machine with the CLASSIC Start menu, then set it to the XP-style Start menu, and collected the DNA. I've looked at both with the DNA explorer, and cannot find a single difference between the two files?

I need to preserve every bit of the 2000 desktop I can, but I need it to go to XP with the XP-style start menu. I know it is a matter of a single click, but the powers that be want ZERO clicks to get it to the setup we have defined. Can someone point me to where I can fix this?
Oh, Zen 7 SP1 Personality Migration....

Jeff Ferris
Network Manager