We're having a problem with one of our new PC models. When new PC's
we usually plug them on the network to let PXE and imaging do it's job

(via serverpolicy) after which we give them a correct name and group.
This works flawlessly for all our PC's except the following model : HP

DC7700. When we plug this model in to the network and let PXE do it's
it keeps on rebooting and trying to image the PC. It gives the
errormessage at the img/linux prompt : "the image matches the last
successfully restored image" after which it reboots again and again
and ...

We only have this problem with that model and can't find out why this
failing. When the PC is imported (after pressing "esc" a few times to
it boot to windows) the problem goes away. But this doesn't explain
erratic behavior!

Zenworks 6.5SP2
Sysprepped image containing Windows 2000

Any thoughts?

Kind regards,
Bart Bylemans