We copied our images made with ZfD 7.00 SP1 HP2 to our ZCM server.

We ran into a glitch using the ZCM imaging environment to restore the

images made with the 7.00 SP1 HP2 imaging environment. We had unique

images for each of the 10 or so machines we ran tests on (i.e. 10
machines, 10 different images). About 4 of the 10 or so had issues
where it just died in the middle (or in one case, at the very
of an image restore. The error message was "-1", which means nothing
me, other than I don't like it :)

Three of those four worked the next time I tried to restore them.

We deleted the one image, recopied it from our ZfD 7 server, and tried

again. It had the same problem. I noticed that it kept blowing up on

the same file. I don't know if it is a bug in the ZCM's IMG program where the path\filename it was trying to restore was displayed
incorrectly (it was supposed to be something like "C:\Documents and
Settings\Administrator\Environment\foobar" but it displayed as
"C:\Documents and Settings\Adminis Environment\foobar") or if it
did think that was what it was supposed to be restoring. Either way,

it's a problem.

I then rebooted into our ZfD 7.00 SP1 HP6 imaging environment and
off that image from our ZfD 7.00 SP1 HP6 server, and it correctly saw

that one file and processed it without incident.