Alisia Prince wrote:
> I've got 2 servers setup as primaries in my ZONE. One is SLES 10 and
> the other is Windows 2003. I've got two servers (inventory only on the
> SLES) and one workstation that has a full adaptive agent installed. The
> workstation is WinXPSP2 I've gone through the configuration steps for
> inventory and have yet to get any data.
> When I choose the quick task of inventory scan for any of the devices,
> they simply fail. I looked at the documentation for Inventory and there
> are two troublshooting items and both of them look like they are for
> Netware (sys references).
> I have the firewall turned off on all of the systems and I am on the
> same subnet.
> The Properties on the agents show the proper server information.
> Does anyone have any ideas?

Read through the "Inventory not present on agents" thread. If you've
done some tweaking of the Configuration in ZCC, then it is possible your
inventory got disabled.