I recently deployed the August vulnerabilities via deployment wizard.
noticed there are a bunch of agents that are on line and have the
deployments scheduled but are not pulling them. I checked on agent in

particular and it had checked in today but did not start the
DAU is scheduled ASAP but it didn't do that either. It says the last
was on the 27th and that it had failed. But it must have been
recently because it knew it needed the August vulnerabilities. Also
when I
look at the DAU log on the computer is says the results were uploaded

successfully. I clicked Check Now on the computer and it ignored the
DAU and started pulling the deployments even though it just checked
earlier today and ignored them too.

I still have a bunch of clients that need to pull these deployments
but I
can't go to 1000+ workstations and click 'Check Now'.

All of these agnets are and server is Is there
more info I can give you? Is there even a place to start looking?