First, some good reports. I just installed ZCM 10 and the product
seems great. I'm close to declaring this one of the most
novell products in a long time.

Ok, now for my problem. I've installed on a SLES 10 SP1 server. But
I go the reporting tab it tells me that

"There are no Business Objects Reporting servers configured in the
Management Zone."

A closer look at the docs says that Business Objects are not support
on a
primary Linux server. Does that mean it's only support on Windows or
I need a second server just to perform this function? Inventory of
workstations does not work either. If I do a quick task it
fails but I have yet to find a detail log. I'm assuming these to
are related.

Can somebody confirm that I need a second Linux or Windows box for the

reporting/inventory? Here's my hope that Novell will fix this
to an otherwise steller product release.