I've been with Zen since Zen 1.0. I'm a little confused.

I manage a school district. Currently we use Zen for Desktops very
heavily. I love it, it works perfect, but I need to deliver apps to
and image Vista.

If I understand correctly the only way to do this is to upgrade to Zen
I understand I need to add a windows server to the mix for the central
server but then what happens to all of my Netware boxes in each
Will they have their Zen components upgraded as well.

What about the Zenworks agent on the workstations? Will it continue to
my Zen 7 apps and also use the Zen 10 stuff?

What about imaging? Do the imaging components on all the local Netware

servers get upgraded?

What about the remote control functionality? We use that heavily right

now. Will we still be able to remote control workstations.

Point blank... Novell had confused the hell out of me. The
is written in a way that is totally confusing to a Zenworks for
guy like me. I honestly don't understand exactly what Zen 10 is. I
it was our source for managing Vista but it seems it's something