I am starting our investigation of ZCM and have it installed on a SLES
SP1 box and a Windoze 2003 box. Both are VMWare virtual machines and
both are running at 100% all the time. The SLES box is the primary. We

only have the two servers and two workstations in the mix right now.
this does not make sense.

The SLES box is the primary.

Top on the SLES indicates the command eating everything up is JAVA and
user is Zenworks

On the Win box ZENloader.exe is the culprit.

We have migrated a lot of our ZEN 7 stuff into ZCM for testing. This
when I noticed the high utilization. Although it may have been there before.

Rebooting does not help they go right back to 100%.

I am assuming this is not normal. I do not have any idea as to how to

solve this issue.

Any suggestions other than blow it away and start over?

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.