This was posted in the previous thread on this question:

Olivier RUFF wrote:

> With SLES ...
> You don't have Patch Management (requires Win as of today)
> You don't have BOE Reporting (doesn't work on Linux yet)
> You NEED a WinProxy for a lot of tasks
> There are a few Linux Specific bugs (see Bundles)

There is a patch due to be released Soon (tm) which will fix some of these
issues (also according to Oliver.)

Which of these problems are intended to be addressed by the patch? For us
#1 doesn't matter because we already have a ZPM server. 2 and 3 would be
nice to have fixed, and #4 isn't specific enough to really know what it

I guess I'm asking for information about what the patch is supposed to
address. Obviously until it's released we won't know what it actually