I'm having a particularly vexing problem with MS Office 2K. I have the
administrative install up on the server, and it is patched to SP3. I can
install it manually by running MSIEXEC and it installs fine.

On some of my machines, after it is installed, when you try to launch any of
the office applications, I get a "Preparing to install" box that pops up,
and then after about a half second, the application just shuts down with no
error message or warning.

This happens with all of the Office applications, Word, Excel, Outlook, and

I thought maybe my MST file was the problem, so I removed it and still had
the same issue.

All of my test machines are freshly baselined with Windows XP, all the
latest service packs and patches, Novell Client 4.9 SP1, and the ZENworks

Has anyone experienced anything similar? This is the only application that
I am having issues deploying, and I am using MSIs for a few others.

Charlie Silverman