Currently working on a test network - just one server, one workstation and
tiny tree. Server has been set up from scratch with NW 6.5SP2 and ZW
6.5. Workstation is brand new Celeron, XP Pro SP1, Client 4.90 SP1,
Zenworks client.

I've set up packages for the container (search policy), server,
workstation and users. The workstation has imported fine and been
associated with the package. A volatile test user and the built-in
administrator have been associated with appropriate user packages. All of
the features seem to work great, including group polices applied to the

HOWEVER, there is a terribly long pause whenever I select
logout/shutdown. Login occurs at a reasonable speed but logout is very
slow. This appears to be related to the NAL service. Can anybody give
advice on this? Is there a timeout occurring? Could it be something I've
not configured?

David Last