We are in the process of upgrading from Zenworks 3.2 SP3 to Zenworks 6.5
Suite. We installed the new Zenworks 6.5 Suite on two servers and left
the Zenworks 3.2 SP3 installation on another server. Everything is
working well except for one error that pops-up when you login as a
Zen6.5 user. We get:

Could not configure workstation for application [xxxx](id=-601)
Problem: Unable to access needed network resource[App:Copy Files Always].

We ran into this when we started using the Client 4.83 with Zen 3.2 and
we backdated a couple of files (NALNTSRV.EXE and ZENAPP32.DLL) and the
problem went away. We have to back-date these files every time we
install or re-install the client on a workstation.

However, now that we are using Zen6.5 we have tried everything (including
reinstalling the client and Zen6.5 Desktop Management Agent) and we can't
get the error to go away. It happens on every application we have
(desktop icon, force run, NAL window icon, start menu icon, etc.).

Any ideas? We have several hundred workstations configured this way and
we'd like to push out the new client and new Zen 6.5 DMA, but we can't
have everyone get this error.


David S. Brawner
Manager of Network Services
Maryville University of St. Louis