We have several apps, some that push out some files and some that launch
web services, that can no longer be launched by double-clicking the icons.
They work, in most cases, if they are force ran. With apps that push out
files, we get the "Unable to access needed network resources." With the
web based apps we get no errors, just no sign that anything is happening.
The problem began after the Desktop Management services were updated. We
have not updated any of the NAL files on the server that everyone logs
into, so their clients should not have changed (as far as we know).

Our Environment:
80% NT 4.0 (So no possibility of going to ZFD 6.5 Agents)
A mix of ZFD 4.0 and 3.2 agents.
The 3.2 seem to work okay, the 4.0 seem to be broken. We are using and I a wide mix of the 3.2 agent.

I have imported the legacy settings, but have not yet recreated any of the
apps to see if it will help. I am looking for any ideas to try.

Jeremy Gruen