Hi all,

After a few days outside, i'm back on novell forums ! :)

I'm getting, once in a while, some 1603 errors.
So far, after deploying about 5 differents msi, about 10 times each, i
got it twice...

When logging in, clicking the install icon from nal, i get the error
the event viewer tells me that i'm not admin. blablha blah (the user is
"domain user")
but if I click again on it to install, it works...

So the msi app itselfs looks ok, because i can install it on other
machines, and the second click is ok..
that does not happens all the time..
dunno if it is because nal has not finish loading completly or what...
maybe i'm too fast ?!?! :) LOL

Does anybody has experience that ?

I'm using zen6.5 in a win2k3 only envionnement, msi files are on a dfs
the agent is the one that came with the product cd