We have come up with a problem in that when a standard user installs
Office 2000 via an MSI from the NAL. It installs fine with the Secure
System User, however, when another user logs in, they do not get the
OUTLOOK icon on their desktop but a blank named folder. If that user then
goes to C:\Program Files\Office\Outlook.exe (for example) an error says:
"This application must be installed to run. Please run setup from the
location where you originally installed the application"

If I go to Add/Remove Programs under this user, I do not see Microsoft
Office 2000 Pro, but if I log back in as the original user that installed
it, it shows up fine and they are able to launch Office with no problem at

If we install Office as a proper full Administrator, this problem does not
occur - what is going on?!

We are using ZENWorks for Desktops 6 in a Windows 2000 environment with
Service Pack 4 and all latest updates from MS Windows Update.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE is also setup to allow standard users to
modify for installations.

Please help!