I'm begining to have some Windows XP machines that are unable to launch
the NAL Explorer or Window. NAL is being called from the login script
which points to the zen agent on the workstation. I also use a /time
15 to delay the launching. When it comes time to launch, the NAL logo
will flash on the screen, disappear and no icons appear. If you try to
relaunch it using the start menu icons, the same thing happens. I have
turned on all the diags and log files, and can find nothing out of the
ordinary. I'be also disabled all the force run apps as well and this
makes no difference. If I try to uninstall the ZEN agent, i get a
windows installer error. This seems to be happening on more and
workstations, and I have no idea what is going on. Our school starts
in 10 days, and if this keeps happening i'm in deep ****. What other
steps can i do to diagnose this problem? Thanks.

Chris Gotstein
Fox Point - Bayside SD