I tried to post this before so pardon me if both show up.

I have a ZFD 6.5 Network, Netware 6.5 sp2 servers, and a WAN connection.
One server has the inventory db, import and removal, imaging server,
everything. The server across the wan only has things like import and
removal, imaging, wol, no database.

Anyway, when we launch NAL on a windows 98 machine it will take from 1 to 5
minutes to launch. Windows XP is fine.

We physically take his machine across the WAN to our main site and it works
just fine. We bring it back and it is terrible again.

I have gone up and down the TID looking for things. I checked the middle
tier thing. I checked the inventory thing. I checked everything I could
find in a TID but nothing helped.

Has anyone else seen this? Where should I look?