Running the ZEN 6.5 Agent on Windows 98 SE, all patches applied, fresh
install of the ZEN 6.5 agent. I call the Application Explorer from the
login script with the following command:

@C:\Progra~1\Novell\ZENworks\naldesk.exe /time 15

The extra 15 secs was to give slower workstations time to load before
loading NAL.

I'm now seeing that if Windows has some extra processing to do, or if
the workstation hangs a bit before or while Application Explorer is
loading, the icons will not appear on the desktop. I can then manually
load Application Explorer from the Start Menu, and the icons will
appear. This doesn't happen all the time. If the workstation starts
normally the icons will appear. Never had this problem with ZEN 4,
wondering if it is a bug in 6.5 or if i'm doing something wrong. I've
tried changing the time setting to be longer and shorter and i still ge
the same results. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Chris Gotstein
Fox Point - Bayside SD