I have several apps that I'm seeing a strange issue with chaining.


1) Create MSI Nal app called first app.
2) Create another MSI Nal app called second app.
3) On second app go to run options/application dependencies.
4) add first app to dependencies.
5) In run options/application fill in path to file.
6) Assign app to user.
7) User launches app and first app installs
8) The run/application/path to file fires and the application launches
(assuming the first app does the install for the run otherwise you get
path not found).
9) Close application and second application finally installs.

In this scenario the first app is a testmaker and the second app are the
test banks so the executable will be there.

My assumption has always been that at least with MSI's the following is
suppose to happen:
1) Chained app does distribution (first app).
2) second app does pre launch script.
3) second app does MSI distribution
4) second app does Pre - distr script (why with MSI's does pre-install
occur after install).
5) second app does Post - distr script.
6) second app does RUN.
7) second app does post launch script.

I'm sure I've made some wrong assumptions but can you fill me in?