We need to remove the Groupwise 6.0 SP4, which I found an AOT file and
then down Groupwise 6.5.

We would like deploy this with Zenworks 6.5. I was told both GW versions
gave their own AOT. Where do we find the fil files that go with the AOT
files. I created "An application that has an .AOT/.AXT file" and select
the US-NT.AOT (we are deploying to windows 2000 machines). I'm not sure
where to point the fil files. Should they be found under the same
Groupwise directory path. Confused. It puts Source_Path files (.fil) to
Z:\groupwise\software\client.... ??

I've searched all directories and am unable to locate. Any ideas? First
time trying to deploy this with pre-existing AOT from company. Thx.