Sorry, am in a rush today (going on hols) so have not had the chance to
search the boards for this one.

Have a site where we are trying to roll out zen4.01.

4.01 is installed and once the agents are loaded the apps deploy fine, but
the zen agent load is having to be a manual process as the user has 'user'
level access to the desktop and zen3.2 agents in the client (4.9, .49sp1
etc) all fail to run any application (inc MSIEXEC giving the following error

Could not configure Workstation for

Problem : Unable to access the needed network resource []. (D01E)

Just setting up a simple shortcut to run an application on the local Machine
like C:\winnt\notepad.exe gives the same error.

I've ensure the user has rights to the location where the applications are
being installed from and I'm not installing as system user so WS file rights
should not take effect. Even with users with supervisor rights to the root

Moving application to same level of user, no effect.

Giving user specific rights to app at supervisor level, no effect.

App is set to normal user not system, all other settings are defaults.

Workstation are windows 2000 SP4.

Snapins used : Console 1 is v 1.3.3

ZFD4.01 is installed on the server

Nal Version from Netware Client install, NAL 3.2 (20010726)

Requester 4.90.0

Nal File Versions from C:\Winnt\system32

NALNTSRV.exe v 2003..3.28.0

NALEXPEX.DLL v 2001.7.26.0

NALEXP32.DLL v 2001.7.26.0

NALDESK.EXE v 2001.7.26.0

NALWIN32.DLL v 2001.7.26.0

ZENAPP32.DLL v 2001.7.26.0

File Versions from C:\WINNT\System32\NLS\English

NALEXPRS.DLL v 2001.7.26.0

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.