If I deploy Groupwise 6.5 utilizing Novell's USNTAOT to my workstation, I
error with "Could not configure workstation for application [Groupwise
client-NT](id=5). Problem: unable to copy file [UNCPATH\apps\gw6
\client\win32\system\triedit.dll](D018). This is with full rights as
system and user.

Now..if I associate this to me as user on same workstation, works GREAT!!!
The original source_path included the UNC like we have used in other
objects...we have also utilized drive mappings because everyone's "" drive
goes to the same place. Also...everyone have R/F to the files on the
server. Currently everyone testing has full rights.
The only change I made was making the object USER associated versus
WORKSTATION associated.

Is there something we should know about in version 6.5..like workstation
associated not working correctly?? Do we have something not configured
correctly? Utilizing Novell client is 4.9 SP2.