Not sure if I should be here or in the install & setup!

Someone installed Zenworks 3.2 in a mixed Netware 5.0 and Netware 6
environment. We upgraded all the NW5 server to 6.0 and updated all the
service patches. Then they decided to upgrade to Zenworks 6.5, so updated
the RootMaster Server to NW6.5 and a new Zenworks 6.5 box also with NW6.5.
Then I rolled out eDirectories 8.7.3 across all the servers, so ALL
versions of NDS are the same and NDS seems fine.

We installed Zenworks 6.5 onto the new NW6.5 box and configured the
workstation import and it works fine. Now comes the rub. Because all the
workstations have been updated to 4.90 sp2 when we had Zenworks 3.2, none
of the new versions of NAL will run, so I can;t deploy the zfdAgent.msi to
update the workstations. If I try to use the old verson of NAL (or Naldesk
or whatever). I get an error 109. If I then do a force run with one of the
6.5 NAL programs, the workstation dies with a blank screen as soon as you
try to login.

I now have around 2500 workstations which we need to remote contraol, but
I can't deploy the Zenworks 6.5 applications to the workstations - they
were all on 4.90 SP2 so I can't re-install the client.

Suggestions would be most helpful here.