I am installing an app via zenworks, using the setup.exe, but nothing
happens. It writes to the log file and says...
"Distribution Success","20","9/21/2004 8:27:48
"Launch Success","10","9/21/2004 8:27:48
"Application Termination","70","9/21/2004 8:27:52
So it looks like it thinks the app is running, but nothing happens. I
created it as a silent install, but took off the /s option while
testing. If I go to the workstation and double click on the setup.exe
(found on the z: drive) it works fine, and the install dialog starts up.

Also, in trying to troubleshoot this, I noticed the log file has numbers
that look like this.... "16","0","0","","","","","","528384" The 16 is
the version, and I would like to know what the other numbers or blanks

Thanks for any help.